I don’t use this site often anymore, but there’s something that I feel that I need to share on here. A while ago when my band Meridian was writing our record, I hit rock bottom again. I ended up in the hospital for a suicide attempt. It was one of the darkest, scariest times of my life. Words can’t describe how hard it was knowing that I had hit a point so low in my life that I felt I didn’t even deserve the air I consume. When I got out of the hospital my mind was finally in the right place and I had finally gotten the help that I needed. This song means the world to me. It’s my second chance at life. I got what some people don’t have the chance to get. I get to live even though I should probably be dead. I get the spread my story and do my best to show people that life is worth living. In the end we’re all living on borrowed time and one day we all will reach the point where it’s our time to go, but no one should ever take their own life. You need to see life through and live it to the fullest. Life does have it’s ups and its downs and sometimes the downs are so bad that it doesn’t seem worth it anymore. At any moment your life and your world can change, something can come along and you’ll realize that there is in fact a reason why you’re here. I’m promising everyone that no matter how low things get, or how alone you may feel, you will always have someone to talk to. With that promise I’m leaving my phone number here. Anyone going through a hard time is more than welcome to contact me and talk about their feelings. You’re not alone. My name is David Mitchell and this is my second chance at life.